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I want to plaster my basement that is about a hundred years old

Hi, I want to create the coolest man cave for my husband in our basement where he and his friends can play pool, play station, and just hang out all in about two weeks. 


We have a hundred year old house.  The basement is made of red brick that creates a red clay mess every time someone walks across the first floor with shoes.  I see that someone tried to plaster the walls previously, there is like a metal wire peeping through all the cracked and missing plaster. 


Where do I start?  Should I remove all the old plaster first or can I put new wire up and just start plastering away????


Help me make my husbands dream man cave while he's away. 





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Posted 2011-06-29T06:00:11+0000  by Ruthanne Ruthanne

Dear Ruthanne,


Howdy, Hello, and Hi, I think it's great your planning on making a "man cave" for your husband. I'm sure whatever you decide to do will turn out great as long as flowers and pink paint aren't involved. As for calling anyone on any forum, I would not recommend doing this at all.


Now back to the good stuff, I'm not too sure what you mean by  "red clay mess everytime someone walks across the first floor with shoes". Are you saying the floor above is grinding the adjoining red clay brick wall? Is there a space in between the wall and ceiling? This is a sketch I did to express my question:


I this is the problem, you can use a liquid nails or expansion joint to fill the gap to keep the mess from happening.

Homex 300 12 in. x 3-12 in. x 10 ft.jpg this is expansion joint                               VpopViewer.jpg          and this is liquid nails


Here are what my friends and I find great for a "mancave"...stone and recessed lighting make you feel relaxed and inspired at the same time.




To answer your questions regarding the metal wire and missing plaster is a little tricky. I always like to remove all old material if possible, however in your case it might not be needed. Maybe the brick underneath is what you want? If you could post a photo I'm sure the community could come up with some great ideas. 


Hope this helps and looking forward to your reply,

Posted 2011-06-30T20:13:02+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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