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I want to turn the toilet 90 degrees. How do I do this without replacing the current flange?

The present flange has been installed with some kind of adhesive and has been leveled with plastic spacers and is going to be very difficult to remove. As presently installed the distance from the center of the drain to the wall is 10". Turned 90 degrees that distance is 11.5". I am installing a new toilet.

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Posted 2013-12-08T01:02:00+0000  by jeffbriggs jeffbriggs

 This only works if you have a PVC flange. First clean the top of the flange thoroughly. Next, measure the existing hole in the flange that the bolts are now set in. Then mark out the same hole hole pattern on the opposite side of the flange. Use a drill to start your cut, and then use some small cutting tool like a dremel or a small multi tool to finish the cut. I would be very careful doing this because you can ruin the flange with a bad cut.  

Posted 2013-12-08T10:55:34+0000  by knowitall
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