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I want to use my in ground propane tank - Which Grill supports this?

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Posted 2013-08-22T18:20:02+0000  by pmdixon pmdixon

That's an interesting question but I'm not sure I have an answer for you.  Obviously there are conversions from propane to natural gas.  They involve little more (on the grill) than changing the supply hose and orifices.  I've never lived in a house with propane but I want to say that the gas pressure is regulated before the propane enters the house (just like with natural gas).  Propane grills have a pressure regulator but I don't know if that steps the pressure down to match what would be in your house.


I think your propane supplier might be a good person to ask.

Posted 2013-08-23T00:27:44+0000  by Adam444

Adam444 is correct. The best answers will come from your local propane supplier.


Propane grills will operate from household propane, but the grills are sold with a hose and regulator for use with a standard 20 lb. propane cylinder. The fuel is the same, but the fitting may be different. 


NEVER use propane in a grill that is set up to use Natural Gas. Natural gas orifices are too large and will allow excessive gas flow.


Consult your local propane supplier for expert advise on this subject.



Posted 2013-08-23T15:24:13+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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