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ID shower faucet model

I need assistance to identify Pegasus shower faucet model # to order replacement parts. model was bought in 2006.

Is the model # somewhere on the faucet itself?  Would I have to remove the faceplate to find it?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Faucet 2.jpg

Faucet 1.jpg

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Posted 2012-03-28T01:18:33+0000  by Herbie Herbie

Hello Herbie,


My name is Tom, also known here in the community as HD116. Determining model numbers and getting parts can be a nightmare. As a remodeler for many years I know this very well. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the one you posted one was key in determining what you need to complete your project.


I spoke with a Customer Service specialist at Pegasus and she was able to see your post on the community. In doing so we were able to determine that you have one of two series faucets. You have either the Estate Series, or the Lyndhurst Series faucets.


To determine which series you do have, you can remove the escutcheon (faceplate) on the faucet and the model number should be seen there. Fortunately, both series take the same replacement cartridge so the model may not be as important as you originally thought.


We stock the replacement cartridge in our stores and through our new service, you can purchase it online and pick it up at the store. Simply click here to do so. If you prefer to just go to the store and find it, look in the repair parts aisle of Plumbing for Danco Model # 9D00010321 which is store SKU 270530.


Hope that helps you get this project completed in a timely manner. Please let us know if we can assist you further.

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Posted 2012-03-28T14:58:19+0000  by HD116


Thank you so much for your quick reply and assistance!  I'm very impressed with this service and will certainly use it again in the future.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!


Posted 2012-03-29T01:12:22+0000  by Herbie

Hi Tom,


I was hoping that you may be able to assist me with identifying the model number of my Pegasus shower/tub kit.  I think it is a Pegasus.  My wife purchased it from a Home Depot in 2006.  If you could help me out, it would be much appreciated.




Shower Head.jpgShower Valve.jpgTub Faucet.jpg

Posted 2012-04-25T00:22:13+0000  by tydiggy2

I am looking for the name and model number of this same shower tub set, do you know what it is??

Posted 2013-08-13T01:45:05+0000  by Reginafl
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