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I am attempting to install a Defiant timer switch replacing a single pole switch.  The timer has five wires coming off of it.... black, blue, white, red and green.  The wires coming out of my wall switch are black, red, white, and a bare copper wire which I assume is the ground. 

From the instructions packaged with the timer, I think I figured out that the green wire is the ground and would hook-up to the bare copper wire in the wall.  Is it safe to assume that the black, red and white wires on the timer connect to the corresponding black, red and white wires coming out of the wall?  If this assumption is correct then what does the blue wire connect up to?   If the color scheme of my wall wires don't match up to the color of the timer's wires, then how do I know which connections to make?  Time to call an electrician???  LOL

Any advice would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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Posted 2015-03-07T15:04:28+0000  by DKL DKL
I'm going to assume you're talking about the Defiant Timer #49814, SKU 469-637.  The RED wire is for a 3-way switch installation and can be ignored and capped with a wire nut for a single location installation.  Can the light you want to control with this timer be switched from anywhere else?  If so, stop and report back.  Otherwise:

As you assumed, the green wire goes to the bare copper (ground) wire.  White to white.  The black wire of the timer. should go to the power coming into the circuit.  Obviously from here I can't tell you if that's the red or the black.  So connect the black to the black and blue to the red.  Try the timer.  If it works, button up and you're done.  If not, switch those two connections - black to red and blue to black.

While I'm sure you've done this, make sure the power is shut off before you start working on the circuit.
Posted 2015-03-07T15:55:48+0000  by Adam444
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