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Ice Maker Water Supply is Freezing

Hi all, My refrigerator's ice maker is giving me problems. Twice this year the water inlet inside the freezer has frozen solid, and then the pressure from the valve causes the valve-to-freezer line to come undone and water goes all over the place. The "fix" has been to thoroughly thaw the freezer for several hours with a hot water bath under the ice maker. all works well... for a few more months?


I read about a couple potential problems, such as the valve malfunctioning or the water pressure being too low. 


I'm thinking the problem is not the valve because when the valve-to-freezer line is disconnected and the ice maker is turned off, no water leaks from the line. 


On the other hand, the place where the ice maker's supply line taps the cold water copper pipe looks really nasty -- it's a strap-on, self-piercing deal and there is much corrosion, leading me to think low pressure is the problem. I don't totally understand why low pressure would be a problem, but given the amount of corrosion there and knowing we have relatively hard water I get why flow might be occluded by precipitate buildup.


Wondering what you think of this? Water leaking all over (and under) the kitchen floor really stinks!

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Posted 2012-08-01T01:03:11+0000  by holadaa holadaa

Hello holadaa, and welcome to the community!


You gave a good description of the problem as well as the condition of the self-piercing valve called a saddle valve. Some cities do not allow saddle valves because of the exact problem you are experiencing.



saddle valve.jpgshut off vavle.jpg   Ice Maker Inlet Valve.png



         Saddle Valve               Angle Shut-off Valve                Ice maker Inlet Valve



I would first replace the saddle valve to a traditional shut-off valve like the one pictured above, and replace the copper pipe that is corroded and looking "nasty" as you put it. I agree with you about the possibility of build up, the Inlet Valve that is in controlled by the refrigerator, might be partially clogged with some debris.



Don't forget unplug the refrigerator before you make any repairs. Please let me know what you decide, and if you need any further help.

Best Answer

Posted 2012-08-02T15:13:21+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI

Hey thanks Tangelo, your solution makes a lot of sense and I will go with it. I wish I could mark this as the accepted solution but for some reason there is a goofy error:

Request Entity Too Large

The requested resource
does not allow request data with GET requests, or the amount of data provided in the request exceeds the capacity limit.

Posted 2012-08-05T02:58:15+0000  by holadaa

Nevermind my complaint about the sever error. The solution is accepted. Thanks!

Posted 2012-08-05T03:01:29+0000  by holadaa
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