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Ideas on how to: Refresh, Renew, and Redo your bath

Coach Dave, FoodieKen, and Mike the HDAnswerman share some ideas for a great bath...

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Posted 2011-02-25T02:00:09+0000  by Mike_HD_OC Mike_HD_OC

We need to replace the green board above the shower stall. After we install the green board what do we put on top that or what are the steps. Please liste steps and materiarls. Like steps for dummies one on one. Shopuld we be using green board? We are replacing that due to the buider not putting the hose in the fan to  exhaust out of the house. What a monkey's butt.

Posted 2011-02-27T14:53:17+0000  by zeus

Hey zeus!

Very powerful username you got :smileyvery-happy:


To start out zeus, the 1st half of this post is about the do's and don'ts of replacing your walls, and the 2nd half is the steps you requested to perform the install.


-------------------------------------------1st Half--------------------------------------------------


I work in the flooring department at my store and I get greenboard in the shower as a frequent topic that my customers talk to me a lot about.


You can put Greenboard over the shower stall, but remember that Greenboard is water-resistant and NOT water-proof. This is because even though the green paper is moisture-resistant the brittle gypsum center is not.


If you still haven't gotten a bathroom fan in there, you can use Greenboard...But be aware of how much moisture the space above the shower will have. While I'm sure other members of the community, installers, etc may have other options, I find that replacing the shower stall walls works best with using tile backerboard instead.


If you are planning on tiling over it or if moisture will still be an issue from the shower then I would recommend you to use a 1/2" thick tile backerboard. It takes almost the same steps install as Greenboard and it ensures that you will never have to worry about tearing out your walls in your bathroom ever again since backerboard resists moisture much better. There are 3 different types we sell in our store, I have provided links to the 3 brands we sell so you see which brand is best for you:


  1. WonderBoard Backerboard
  2.  Durock Cementboard
  3.  HardieBacker tileboard

Even if you choose not to tile above the shower there, any one of those 3 backerboards, if installed properly, will inhibit any moisture or failure on your walls.


Before you do the actual install, I would first place a vapor barrier down on the studs by way of sheets of plastic stapled to the studs after you get the old Greenboard down, my colleague HD116 did a great post earlier on how to do this step, below is the link:


Moisture Barrier



Putting a moisture barrier down will not only protect the walls but also the studs, all while preventing mold and mildew from coming into your walls.


---------------------------- 2nd HALF: REPLACING GREENBOARD--------------------------------------


I'll give you a few steps as you requested as well as some tips to make sure your shower stall will be better than it ever was... and I am going by the assumption that we will not be tiling over it.


  •  Take down the bad Greenboard by scoring out the bad sheets with either a reciprocating saw, wrecking bar, and/or utility knife, you can assess and see the exposed studs once the bad Greenboard is removed
  • If there is mold or mildew on the studs clean with a disinfectant like diluted Clorox and let dry for a few hours
  • Place vapor barrier on studs by stapling and making sure you are overlapping so staples don't give way
  • measure out exactly the sizes you intend to replace, and use a backerboard cutter or deeply score (scratch) the size you need for replacement
  • Below are the steps required for hanging backerboard on the wall


After you have smoothed out the walls as best as you can you can feather (or mud) on additional adhesive so as to give the wall that nice flat look that is ready to be primed and painted. A great tip is to have a lamp shining near the wall so you can see any imperfections you may have missed.


Well zeus, I hope you can use this as a handy guide to help you along your way to get your shower walls new again. Please let me or any of us on the community for any further questions.



Posted 2011-02-28T19:36:33+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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