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If I install all vinyl flooring planks in my laundry room, does the washer not cause too much vibration for the floating floor? Also, can I set a small (36 in wide) sink cabinet on top of the floor?

I've watched several tutorials on installing floating floors in a laundry room. There seems to be no question that it won't work to put the washer on top of the flooring. I would think the vibration could cause problems??? Also, if that's not a problem, would it cause problems if I set a 36" wide cabinet for a sink on top of the flooring??

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Posted 2016-05-06T13:38:53+0000  by Nana2 Nana2

Hello Nana2,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the community.

As long as you installed your floating vinyl planks correctly, then your washer or any appliance will never have an issue over it. 

For the 36" sink base cabinet, it's always better to cut around it, and have it firmly installed on the subfloor. Not only does this save you square footage, but it helps the floor expand and contract better.

Even with the washer on top of the flooring, most vinyl plank floating floors can withstand hundreds of inches per square foot of weight on them.

In short, install it correctly. Place the washer directly over it, but not for the sink base cabinet. Any pro flooring installer will give you the same advice. At the end of the day, your floors will work and perform nicely.

Let us know if  you have any further questions,


Posted 2016-05-07T12:38:28+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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