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If it wasn't for moss I wouldn't have a lawn

May lawn gets alot of sun and is sloped to the roadway.  I have only a few trees.  What do I have to do to get a regular lawn?

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Posted 2011-03-28T19:40:10+0000  by DoItYoursefFan DoItYoursefFan

Hey DoItYoursefFan, welcome to the community.  I’m sorry to hear that your “lawn” is mostly moss.  There is an upside here though.  No standing water and plenty of sun sounds like good conditions for a really nice lawn.


You are on the right track asking how to favor grass instead of moss.


Moss won’t kill grass, and it grows best when there is poor lighting, wet and especially infertile soil.  In your case, I believe that it’s the poor soil that is causing the moss to thrive.  Think of it this way, if the soil was good and the area gets decent sunshine, weeds should be taking over.  If conditions are so bad that weeds can’t thrive and you end up with moss, then your soil needs big time help.


Ideally, you would want to get your soil tested.  This will tell you what major nutrients are deficient, as well as the soil pH level.  Testing kits are available at local garden retailers.  For a more detailed test that will include information on organic levels, other nutrients and recommendations on specific actions you should take, here are a couple of options:


Somerset County Cooperative Extension.  See the Rutgers link:


Scotts soil testing:  This is a Canadian firm that sells soil testing services.




In any event, I would expect that you will need to completely prep and till your yard, adding soil amendments as well as starter fertilizer.  There are numerous posts here on the community that address this.  Here are just a few:


What kind of grass should you plant?  Your location, Hillsborough, New Jersey is in USDA temperature zone 6b.  This is a transitional area for grass types, but far enough north that I would expect retailers to typically sell a mix of fescue, rye and bluegrass as a “Sun & Shade” product that should do well in your yard.  Once your yard is in good enough shape to grow grass,

(and weeds too :smileysurprised:), then the moss issue will disappear.


I hope this helps,


Best Answer

Posted 2011-04-08T16:19:24+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

Howdy, Hello, and Hi DoItYoursefFan,

Welcome to The Home Depot  "How-To Community."  This is a great place to exchange knowledge and opinions on whatever project you or anyone else might have.

Having a nice lawn is a source of pride in anyone's home. When deciding on lawn options you have to take into consideration a few things.

First; are you going to use a hose or a sprinkler system to water your yard?


                                hose.jpg       diy_install5.gif

Second; do you want it all to be grass? This lawn has a portion of the yard filled with shrubs.




Third; are you going to have any other features like a water fountain, raised planter, or pavers?




Your basic choices are seed, sod, and synthetic.

Seed is cheap, takes more work and time to get started.

Sod is a bit more in money, but can be done in one afternoon.

Synthetic is the most expensive, but does not have to be fertilized, mowed, or watered.


Planting seed requires first preparing the area by either removing the old lawn/weeds with a shovel, rototiller, or chemically. Then planting seeds with a layer of seeding soil on top.

Keep the seed moist (not soaked), and in about 2 weeks you'll see the germanating grass and in about 2 months it will look half decent.

Sod is one afternoons of work. Rather than describe how to put in sod, I've included a link on my video on how to install sod :

Synthetic grass is not the astroturf we all remember from the past. The new turf is so much like real grass that you have to touch it to be sure. This product should only be installed by an experienced professional, but is well worth it.



To save you time, take measurements of your area first before you decide what to do. If you still have questions just post another question and we can go from there...oh yeah, your city/state would be helpfull too.

Yours Respectfully,

Posted 2011-03-28T23:34:20+0000  by Dave_HD_OC

I am from Hillsborough, New Jersey.  My front and back lawn are made up of mostly moss.  I do not understand why.  Lets start with my Front Yard.  It slopes to the street and gets plenty of sun.  What can I do to favor grass instead of moss?  Is it chemical or is it a moisture problem?

Posted 2011-04-06T14:28:30+0000  by DoItYoursefFan
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