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If you could change one thing about your bathroom, what would it be?

Hi there community!

Let’s talk about that room in your house that you feel like it’s always missing something, let’s talk about the room you feel like you should do something with to make it more pleasant and up to date, let’s talk about the bathroom today.

What is that we can do with the bathrooms in our homes to make them pop out but at the same time not the brake the bank?

I’m one of those guys who are addicted to home improvement, I’m one of those guys who always works around the house on the weekends and it can’t stay still. Being this cold this year I was forced to stay still inside the house:smileymad:…not a good thing my wife says:smileyvery-happy: .

There is this one bathroom in my house that I really need to do something with.

This one bathroom with pink tiles from 80’s, pink toilet and a vanity with a pink under mount bowl!

Wait that’s not it, there is more…White semi gloss walls, silver shower door and a crown jewel-yellow vertical blinds.

My goal is to improve this bathroom and stay on the budget. I don’t want this to be my major investment being that I still have more projects to work on.

First I’m going to remove all of the pink tiles. I’m going to this slowly with flat chisel and 5lb sledge hammer. Objective is to minimize the damage to the walls so I don’t have to replace tile underlayment outside the shower walls.

My plan is to save money  by buying a large 16x16 floor tiles. I like the color it’s like beige brown looking tile and I like the price per SF. Being that I’m not paying for labor and I have nice tile saw  I’m going to cut big tiles to 4”x16” strips. I’ve done this before and it looks great, especially when randomly staggered on the walls.

Once I’m done it pattern should look like picture on the right;


On the floor I’m going to use full tiles and pattern on the left for cleaner look and to minimize grout lines for easier cleaning.

Vanity that I have right now I’m going to paint white and upgrade with new mosaic counter top and top mount bowl to ease out mosaic tile installation. Further I’m going to replace ugly pink toilet and vertical blindes.With a new fresh of  coat paint it should look ten times better.

What do you guys think?

If you could change one thing about your bathroom, what would it be?



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Posted 2011-01-31T21:47:36+0000  by George_HD_CHI George_HD_CHI

I would like a much larger window to let in more sunlight.  I love to enjoy plants in my bathroom – it gives more of a “spa” feeling to the space.  A bay window would be ideal (just not necessarily practical!).

Posted 2011-02-25T17:46:56+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL

 "I even have a urinal. My wife said I could keep it..." -slavy77


Haha this is awesome! I think deep down this is every man's dream slavy. I would love to see some pics of the bathroom project when it is finished! Perfect for the man-cave. 



Posted 2011-02-28T19:10:39+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy

I would remove the 2" tile counter and put in granite 12" tiles...however, I can't figure out how I would "do" the edge.  I can figure out that I could put a 1/4 round molding on the backsplash top edge...but how would I handle the counter edge they sell a bullnose edge like in tile?

Posted 2011-02-28T21:31:44+0000  by DWiller

Greetings D Willer and welcome to the community.

I can see why you want to remove those 2”x2” tiles; they got to be difficult to clean right?


How would you do the edge with the marble tile really depends on the manufacturer of that tile and if they have available bullnose in the matching color.


You need to pay attention when choosing tile, usually bullnose is available in matching color by there are some softer lower end marble tiles that really don’t offer a full selection of accessories.


Basically you would start your installation from the edge of the counter top gluing bullnose and vertical edge piece first so there are no cuts in the front part of the countertop.


This all works out if you have a ¾” plywood base for the tile in combination with ½” tile underlayment.

In other word if the surface is built this way you will have enough room to glue a 1-1/4” marble face strip that get overlapped with bullnose. See attached picture;



Another alternative is to use profiling wheels.


I prefer this more than using prefabricated bullnose but these tools are expensive and only available thru certain stone suppliers. See attached picture;





Hope this helps and again welcome to the community.




Posted 2011-03-01T17:08:12+0000  by George_HD_CHI

I have a friend of mine that is a builder.  He has  3 sons and no daughters.  He put in a urinal, near the mudroom.  Its awesome.


You never have to worry about your wife complaining that you forgot to put the seat down:smileywink:


Good luck Slavy77

Posted 2011-03-04T17:40:21+0000  by Fletch

I had to do something with the bathroom a few years ago. The fixture over the mirror and the mirror were basically 1 item. when 1 went the other had to go! I got a 36" square mirror, and a fiwture to match with 5 lamp holders. I lamed it with the halogen 40=60 halogen multi-sided globe lamps. I replaced the switch  with a fader type Lutron dimmer.    The dimmer allows me to get good color out of the lamps at any level of dimming, which saves money, while putting less light in the room. Helps when making a late night trip to the bathroom, no "potato spots " from too much light!The following payday I put the fan on a timer,  to be sure the fan could not run for more than 30 minutes, so it sould not suck all the heated , or cooled air out of the house.

Posted 2011-03-10T02:36:20+0000  by elect_answers

i want to install a urinal for the men of the house.  this should be mandatory for all homes, apts., and new construction. LOL


Posted 2013-06-25T09:03:03+0000  by nealfjr







i would install urinals in all bathrooms for the men of the house.  this should be mandatory for every home, apt. and new construction. LOL XD

Posted 2013-06-25T09:14:40+0000  by nealfjr
Bathroom shower.
Posted 2016-06-25T05:45:38+0000  by RichardWilliams
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