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I'm making guinea pig cage

I need to make a guinea pig cage, the ones they have cost too much and are very small... Can anyone help me with some things I could buy cheap to make a cage. I'd preferably want a bar cage like normal and a box as the bottom. I'm not as worried about a roof as long as its like 2-3 ft tall. Thanks!
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Posted 2012-06-11T19:00:59+0000  by Cedesm16 Cedesm16

A lot of the home built cages I've come across for guinea pigs are built from the grid storage cubes and Coroplast (the plastic sign stuff that looks like cardboard).


Something like this:




One thing to keep in mind, your grid spacing should be approximately 1.5", bigger than that and the little critters can get caught trying to get through. Below is a table I found that is based on an approximate sized 14" panel


    Cage Size Standards

# of Pigs




in grids

in grids
 7.5 sq ftmore is better30" x 36"2x3 grids27" x 41"
 7.5 sq ft10.5 sq feet  30" x 50"2x4 grids27" x 56"
10.5 sq ft  13 sq feet30" x 62"2x5 grids27" x 71"
 13 sq ftmore is better30" x 76"2x6 grids27" x 84"


Hope this gives you an idea of how to get started. I have fond memories of Harriet, my guinea pig when I was in the first grade.

Posted 2012-06-12T03:08:10+0000  by Paul
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