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Indoor Tropical Houseplant Library

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Houseplants are an important part of the ecosystem inside your home. Pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroeyhylene, eylene, toluene and ammonia are just a few toxins in the air that you breath inside your home every day. Houseplants can help remove such toxins and provide you and your family a much healthier environment.

In an attempt to keep our community clean and organized I have come up with several different categories of plant libraries. This Houseplant library will be evolving daily but it contains some of the easiest to grow houseplants that you can also find at The Home Depot. Take a look and enjoy.


African Violets



Areca Palm

Bamboo Palm

Bird Nest Fern

Boston Fern


Chinese Evergreen

Corn Plant dracaena



Dragon Tree dracaena

English Ivy

Ficus Tree

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Golden Pothos

Heart Leaf Philodendron


Kimberly Queen Fern

Lucky Bamboo

Majesty Palm

Money Tree


Peace Lily

Pony Tail Palm

Prayer Plant

Red Sister, Cordyline

Rubber Tree

Snake Plant

Spider Plant

Spineless Yuca Cane

Wandering Jew

ZZ Plant

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Posted 2017-02-16T17:22:04+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL Ingar_HD_ATL
This is great -- thank you for this listing.
Any chance the whole thing can be downloaded via Excel? :-)

Posted 2019-10-24T19:07:02+0000  by zemora

(photo by-(ABC Life Juliette Steen)

Pet Safe & Unsafe Houseplants

House plants are a healthy addition to your home.  Caution is advised for homes with pets however.  Although beautiful, some house plants can be deadly to your pets.


This is a list of 20 common house plants that are not safe for your pets:


Cannabis, Lilies, Sago palms, Ivy, Philodendrons, Rubber tree plants, Aloe Vera, Chinese evergreen, Asparagus fern, Lantana, Holly, Tulip, Oleander, Azalea, Daffodil, Carnations, Chrysanthemum, Corn Plant, Dumb Cane, Jade Plant.


Here is a list of some of the houseplants that are listed as safe for your pets.  They are listed as plants with a low toxicity but none are 100% safe for your pets:


Spider Plant, Areca Palm, Bamboo Palm, Boston Fern, Pony Tail Palm, Money Tree, Bird Nest Fern, Prayer Plant and Wandering Jew-(Cats only).


Perhaps the only true Pet Safe Plant may only be Faux house plants.  Here is a link to the ASPCA  for a more complete list of poisonous house plants:

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.



Posted 2019-11-01T19:21:25+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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