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Inexpensive lawn

We live in northwest Georgia with our house built into the side of a hill.  Our front yard has about a 45 degree slope and is mostly weeds.  I know the proper process would be to install a sprinkler system and sod, but our finances prevent that at this time.  What is an affordable alternative to an attractive front yard?

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Posted 2013-03-27T21:51:42+0000  by jlaiskonis jlaiskonis

Hello jlaiskonis,


Why not plan for some large perennial flower beds?

Use a spray weed and feed on your existing lawn, maybe you can live with it just re-seeded after the weeds are killed.


For your large beds you can use groundcovers to extend them you can use juniper or flowers; sedum, thyme or pholx, this may help by not costing as much to water if you use drought-tolerant natives.

thyme, red.jpgpholx.jpgblue rug juniper.jpg

hope this helps,


Posted 2013-03-27T22:56:45+0000  by Gail_HD_OC
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