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Inexpensive outdoor enclosure for toddlers

I would like to enclose a flat section of my yard for my toddler's playgroup.  It needs to be sturdy and tall enough that they can't knock it down or scale it. 3-4' height ideal. Toddlers are very resourceful and curious! Inexpensive options.  We live in Atlanta, so pretty mild weather conditions year-round.  Thank you!

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Posted 2013-01-24T16:45:37+0000  by organizerlauren organizerlauren

Hello OrganizerLauren,


Welcome to the community.


I would use PVC for the frame and them add 1/4" sheet goods (ie: paneling, plywood) for the walls.


You could use self-tapping screws to hold all of the joints together and also to hold the sheeting to the frame. This will allow you to break it down if you need to.


Make sure to paint all raw wood since it will be out side. Also use a few pieces of rebar hammered into the ground and then attached to the frame so that the little angels can't push it to another location.


If you choose to use plywood make sure and cover the edges so that the children don't get splinters.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I would love to help.

Posted 2013-01-25T19:44:48+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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