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Insect control

I am having a difficult time with Grasshoppers this year. Is there a way to control without hurting my plants and small trees?
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Posted 2015-07-15T15:38:47+0000  by Boggs Boggs

Greetings Boggs,

Thank you for stopping by the community with your question.

Grasshoppers can be a real challenge to control, naturally as the season winds down the number of grasshoppers will die back, but in the meantime they can be quite destructive.

There are a few options on trying to control the hopping pests.

Nosema locustae bait: will introduce a fungal disease that will slowly kill off the grasshoppers. The Home Depot does not stock the bait, you will have to search for a source if you go that route.

My suggestion is to let a patch of grass grow long, and high by your garden. Grasshoppers would prefer to hang out in a long grassy area than anywhere else; so you would be providing an area in which they can be somewhat 'centered'. Add a bird bath and a bird perch to that area, some bird would love to feed on those hopping snack treats. 

Placing some sticky pest traps in that area may also grab some results, the pest traps will also catch any other bugs or butterflies they may happen across them, so be mindful of that.

Sevin dust will kill grasshoppers on contact.  Sevin is used in garden beds, and in vegetable patches to control destructive insects right up until harvest. Sevin does kill up to 65 different insect, even beneficial insects, so make sure to read all label instructions.

Controlling, and fighting  insects can be aggravating, I hope that I have given you some advice that will help you with your battle.

Best of luck,

Posted 2015-07-16T12:27:28+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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