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Inserting Shelves Into Bookcase



This should be pretty simple but I am building impaired.


I need help figuring out how to install the shelves in a bookcase I recently purchased (I realized too late that it would not come already installed). It is a 3x3 bookcase-- the frame is divided into three sections and comes with two shelves to install into each of these sections.


The area to insert the shelf features two small holes that look like they are for screws on each side of the shelf. I have legitimately no idea how to make this work. What is the absolute simplest way to make these shelves fit into the bookcase?


Any help will be appreciated!

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Posted 2010-11-14T04:10:12+0000  by rosengje rosengje


Hello rosengje welcome to the community. Chrisfixit here with a solution for you.  Now I'm not sure what you bookcase looks like but I'll assume it's something like this: 

3x3-cube-bookcase-black-3.jpgThose holes you're referring to are the peg holes for your shelf supports.  After deciding the height of your shelves you'll place a peg into each of the holes at that selected height.  After that you place you shelf on top of the pegs and just like that you're done.  Now repeat this for the other five shelves and you now have a functioning bookcase.  Now the bookcase should have come with these pegs but if not we do offer a couple options at our stores in the hardware department.  I've included a couple of pictures and links of the pegs we carry to give you an idea of what to look for.  Well I hope this has been helpful, and don't worry keep coming to the site with your questions and we will have you taking on full remodel projects by yourself in no time. Oh and again welcome to the site :robotvery-happy:.












support peg01angled sup.jpgsupport peg02peg.jpg


Posted 2010-11-14T14:51:57+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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