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Inside toilet tank

How do I select, and change the inside of the toilet tank?

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Posted 2011-01-17T00:16:49+0000  by swpush swpush


Hi swpush,


Thank you for your question and I would like to say welcome to the community! Toilet repair is a fairly straightforward and common project to work on by yourself. Depending on just what exactly you need to replace in the tank, a complete toilet tank repair kit is a great way to go for eliminating any guess work to hunt down individual parts. Here's a picture of the item:


Complete kits are great in the fact that you can keep the spare parts around that you didn't need this time for any future maintenance down the road. After picking this kit (or one like it) from your local home center, we can now get to work on fixing your toilet tank. There are several different projects you can work, but I can go over with you a basic complete change of the inside parts of the tank. Last but not least you'll need these handy tools in the following picture to get the job done as well.....



Before I get into anything specific or detailed, have you tried running a few tests to see if you have a simple solution without entire replacement of the tank parts? Things to do, are placing food color droplets into the tank to see if they are leaking out into the bowl; thats a sure sign of a leak. Also, changing the length of the chain on the lever or moving the float ball around sometimes is the culprit for a non-working toilet. 


As for replacement parts, reinstalling a new flapper valve is one of the most common projects for toilet tank repair so be mindful of that under closer inspection.


First off when it comes to any replacing, turn off the water and let it drain into the bowl. Can't really work that well underwater, at least when it comes to me.:smileyvery-happy:


If your toilet is running, then the flapper is not covering the hole and water is flowing through. Since we have run the previous 'tests' we just talked about on the tank parts, check closer now to see if any parts looks old, worn, or broken for replacement. 


After that, the specific toilet repair kit you purchased will give you detailed instructions on how to replace/repair the specific parts you'll need. Some parts/kits require more specific tools and information than others so be sure to follow the instructions.


Hope this helps out and again welcome to the community!



Posted 2011-01-17T14:17:43+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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