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Inside top mount drawer slides.

I have a small cabinet with a top drawer  which I'm modifying to accommodate a vessel sink and faucet.  Installing the sink and faucet are no problem, however, I'm trying to maximize space by modifying the top drawer into a U-shape (to allow clearance for p-trap and supplies).  The drawer is a box type with the sides of the drawer flush with the face of the drawer, which leaves no room to install sliders on the sides.  I happen to have a vanity in another bathroom (made by Kohler) which has a similar U-type drawer on top.  The drawer has a slider rail attached on the inside of the drawer which is then hung on a top rail.  This type of slide would resolve my issue, but I can't seem to find such an item on-line.  Do you know where I can find such a slide (it has rollers, not ball-bearings)?  Does Home Depot carry this type of drawer slide?


Thanks for your assistance.


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Posted 2011-04-05T15:56:05+0000  by Luke Luke
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Posted 2011-04-05T16:46:32+0000  by HomeDepotTara

Hello Luke and welcome to The Community!  We are glad you are here.  This sounds like an exciting project and it is great that you are able to use an existing cabinet for your new vessel sink and faucet. 


There are some drawer slides available in stock at the Home Depot stores but I know that my store’s selection would not include the type of hinge that you are describing.  Consider going to your local store and reviewing the Amerock Special Order Catalog (available at the Special Order desk).  There are a number of slides and hinges available that may suit your project. 


Best wishes and please keep us posted on your progress. 

Posted 2011-04-12T15:15:21+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL

Hi, I recntly had some middle side mount drawer slides installed. They will not STOP at the catch where they are designed to syop. The drawer clicks past that spot and falls out forward. Are they installed incorrectly? Is there a fix?


Posted 2012-12-13T21:15:43+0000  by chrisp56
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