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Install Light Fixture in Place of Ceiling Fan with Light

I would like to install a ceiling light in place of a ceiling fan/ light combination. The ceiling fan has been removed. The exposed box with wiring is shown below. Please describe how to connect the ceiling light wires to the correct wires in the electrical box. The ceiling light wires are also shown below.

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Posted 2016-11-29T21:42:37+0000  by StartSomewHERE StartSomewHERE
The wiring for the new light fixture looks a little odd, I would expect to see white and black wires (plus a ground).  Did you buy the fixture new or recycle it from somewhere?  Without being there to test things it's a little difficult to tell you how to wire it properly because there is no way to identify which of the wires are which.  I could venture a guess and say that the two wrapped with duct tape belong together, as does the other pair.

In the ceiling junction box, connect one of the pair from the light to the black wire, twist the two white wires together along with the remaining pair from the fixture.  The yellow/green ground wire of the fixture goes to the little green ground screw on the bar across junction box.  Hopefully it work, if there's something wrong, you'll pop a breaker pretty quickly. 

This is a good example of why things should be done properly (or at least give the next guy some idea of what's going on.  If, for example, those two wires wrapped with duct tape are actually the neutrals, then using white electrical tape would have been a better thing to do.  Same for the other pair, use black or red electrical tape.  Taking the time to do things right is safer and makes it easier for the next guy.
Posted 2016-11-30T12:32:11+0000  by Adam444
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