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? Install Wood Blinds with Floating Head Rail

We have a 70" wide window with an arched window directly above it. I would like to install wood blinds, but leave the arched window uncovered. How do you install 70" wood blinds when there is no center structure between the two windows to support the center section of the wood blinds?

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Posted 2012-10-16T15:36:53+0000  by chitown1957 chitown1957

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I'm glad to hear that you're interested in real wood blinds already, since those will be your best bet for the scenario actually. Without the ability to mount in a center support bracket, faux wood blinds are out of the question.


I don't have any information on the particular brand your looking at, or more importantly-- the height of the blind, so I'm only basing this on an assumption that your window is a patio door size. A real wood blind at roughly 70 " wide by 68" tall would weigh just under 30 lbs. roughly. I partnered with one of our blind vendor reps and discussed this with them, and they agreed with me that the side box brackets will provide enough support given this "assumptive scenario." Without any spot to mount to in the middle, you wouldn't even be able to elect to use a center support should you want to.


If you have the information handy, you can contact the manufacturer of your blinds and speak with them directly and relay your exact dimensions to them. Their technical team will be able to tell you if your total weight is alright to be supported by their brackets and they'll be the best source for the info. But as I mentioned above, I don't imagine you'll have any kind of trouble simply using the box brackets you have already.

Posted 2012-10-18T16:27:15+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

I would think twice before accepting the above instructions. If the manufacturer recommends using a center support, start there. Head down to your local window repair center. They typically have metal profiles that can be mounted behind the headrail spanning the 6 foot width, and attach to either end. This will offer additional strength to support your wood blinds as you will be able to use your center support. It will also keep your headrail from twisting. The meal profile will be hidden behind the headrail so it will not detract from the look, either in front of, or behind the blinds.

Posted 2013-01-30T12:58:43+0000  by jlarsen5860
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