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Install a baffle in a shower recessed can light fixture.

How do I install a baffle trim into an existing shower lighting fixture with a can and socket already in place? I have already removed the old baffle, and purchased a proper "wet-location" baffle to replace the old one, but the instructions on the box are vague and offer no illustrations to help with the install.

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Posted 2013-09-05T20:32:43+0000  by Cudgelist Cudgelist

Hey Cudgelist,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


Depending on what kind of baffle trim for showers you purchased will determine how and if it can be installed in your recessed light housing.


Some housings only fit their respective trims, but ours Halo and Commerical Electric, fit each others fine.


You will need to let us know what kind of trim you purchased as well as the housing, if you can find it. Usually, after taking the old trim off you can discern the brand via the sticker on the inner wall of the housing.


Most trim kits now have 2 wires that pop into side pieces inside the walls of the housing and slide up after the connections have been made.


But again, let me know what kind of trim and housing you have and we can get a quick solution for you. Uploading images is a big help as well.


Hope to hear from you soon,


Posted 2013-09-11T14:48:18+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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