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Install a ceiling fan to a pitched ceiling

Our home has a pitched (or "cathedral") ceiling in the main living area. Thanks to the old adage "hot air rises" it's difficult to keep the living area warm in the winter and comfortable in the summer. Currently, a light fixture is suspended from the main beam (which runs the length of the house) and not accessible with an extension ladder (the slanted cross beams are too far from the fixture to make reaching it possible). I know some ceiling fans can be installed with an extra-long downrod (72" maybe), but accomplishing that seems impossible. Ideas?

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Posted 2016-02-12T20:09:38+0000  by MikeZot MikeZot

Hello MikeZot,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the community.

While installing a longer downrod on your ceiling fan may seem impossible, it actually can be done provided you have the materials, tools, and know-how.

For a sloped ceiling, you almost always will need a longer downrod if the ceiling is more than 34 degrees in pitch. This diagram below best demonstrates this.

As for the actual height of the downrod to choose; only you or an electrician there on-site can determine that for you.

Luckily, we've got another easy chart shown below that best demonstrates which length of downrod to use.

Downrod Lengths

Since you'll be extending the downrod, you'll need more wires to successfully power up the light and fan motor. We carry wire extension kits in the same area as the downrods at your local Home Depot. They save you time and money from having to buy everything separately.

Click here to view more information on it (shown below).

Westinghouse 48 in. Down Rod Wire Extension Kit

Again, if you need a longer downrod, then there is no other option than taking the fan down first.

With that said, it isn't impossible as stated earlier, but it doesn't mean that you specifically need to do it. You can hire an electrician or someone who can do this for you. Just make sure that you or they are doing it safely and securely.

Let us know if you have any further questions.


Posted 2016-02-13T17:19:40+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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