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Install acrylic mirror on drywal???

What is the best way to hang 4'x8' sheets of acrylic mirror on drywall?

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Posted 2011-03-02T17:00:22+0000  by bbandtb bbandtb


Welcome to our community bbandtb!


My name is Christine and I’m a Home Depot associate in Atlanta.


One suggestion I have for you to use a product by 3M called Command strips. Here is a picture for you:







These particular strips can hold up to 3 lbs a piece. My suggestion would be to put a strip in each corner of the mirror so that the weight it evenly distributed. A big plus to this product is that is that it will not damage your drywall, so no worries there.


Scotch has a double sided tape that would work for you too. It holds up to 5 pounds and comes on a roll. Here is a picture:





A plus to using the tape is that you would be able to tape along the edges, giving it a really strong hold. The down side is that it will not come off of your drywall very easily.


If your mirror is on the heavier end, the company OOK has a wonderful line of products that you can peruse. Click here for a link to the OOK products that we sell at The Home Depot.


I used an OOK hook for hanging a 30 pound mirror once and it stayed there for years (the only reason I took the mirror down was because I was moving). Most of their hooks leave a barely noticeable hole and do not require that you hit a stud. Both of these reasons were a plus for me because I was renting and the stud was far away from where I wanted the mirror to be. Even if you don’t need OOK hooks for this project, it is always good to know that this line of products are out there.


I look forward to seeing you again on our community! :smileywink:


Let us know if we can help with anything else,



Posted 2011-03-02T17:52:48+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL



Another great post by Christine, 3M makes some pretty amazing adhesive products and Command is certainly one of them. My name is Tom, known here as HD 116 in the community, and I would like to add one other product to those she suggested in the event that your mirror weighs more than those products can handle.


An acrylic mirror is much lighter than glass, but 4 feet by 8 feet may require an adhesive specifically designed for a mirror application such as the Liquid Nails for Mirrors pictured below;


LN for Mirrors.jpg


It is located in your local stores paint department, and is just another option available for your project.

Posted 2011-03-03T15:23:51+0000  by HD116
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