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Install heater

What do I need to install an emberglow LP space heater in basement. Home furnace is LP and fuel line is aprox. 10' away. ( fittings, pipe dope, pipe, flex pipe) ?

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Posted 2011-01-28T21:38:56+0000  by Jimbo Jimbo

Hi Jimbo!


Welcome to the community, its a good thing you are getting your heater in, its pretty cold outside even here in Atlanta!


Installing your heater can be done, the main challenge you have currently is that the fuel line is 10 feet away. With that said, I personally haven't seen a flex supply line in that length sold at our stores, so the best option for you in my opinion is to get a soft copper line, usually in 3/8" outside diameter to use for your heater. If you already bought  your heater, be sure to read and follow the instructions in the manual thoroughly for items such as proper diameter of fittings, etc. And always consult a licensed installer if you have any detailed questions or concerns regarding codes or general installation.


The supply lines are generally 3/8" inch like we talked about (again to make sure check your manual first). Several pointers I wanna give you to ensure your installation goes smoothly using the copper line as a supply for the heater. 



  • Tools to use: your trusty adjustable wrench, tubing cutter NOT a hacksaw to ensure the cuts are precise as copper is a soft metal; the tubing cutter will work easier than a hacksaw, flaring tool to match sure the edges of the cut copper are cone-shaped for the fittings
  • Before anything, make sure the main supply line  is turned OFF before working
  • Use flare fitting nuts on your lines and NOT compression lines, including your shut-off valve (required)
  • You can  solder the joints as well as another install option. A well-soldered joint is stronger and more durable than a flare-fitted joint, but flare fittings can be taken apart using a wrench
  • If you choose to use flare fittings, put the flare nuts on BEFORE you put on  the actual adapters, to ensure the lines work
  • Teflon tape is great to use for the fittings and for the pipe dope use Oatey's Great White Pipe Joint Compound
  • Be sure to have an electrical outlet within a few feet of the heater if you ever want to install a blower inside the heater
  • Don't forget any pipe straps to secure the pipe itself to the wall and to give the pipe a more professional installed look
Below are some pictures of the products to use. Jimbo,  I hope this helps you out and again, welcome to the community!
gas fittings.JPG


Posted 2011-01-29T16:26:55+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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