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Install stainless undermount kitchen sink

My kitchen sink is falling!  It is still attached to the plumbing and working fine but the entire sink is pulling away from the granite countertop!! Need advice on how to reattach before I am faced with a huge mess and further expense.  Have it proped up with a 2x4 right now. 

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Posted 2012-05-12T16:13:37+0000  by healylina healylina

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Healylina ,


Undermount sinks are held in place with something called bolts studs (posts) and 100% silicone.

 bolt studs.jpg


Silicone is applied on to the rim, around the perimeter of the sink and its purpose is to seal and somewhat adhere sink to the counter top. Purpose of the bolts is to provide additional (read rigid) support and to keep the sink from vibrating during use. Bolts are glued to the c-top with 2 part epoxy; normally bolts and epoxy are part of the undermount post kit. This kit is not something we normally stock in the stores but it can be special ordered.


To successfully reattach your unit you would first need to scrape off all of the old silicone, I’d suggest using a razor blade scraper. Not all of the silicone will get scraped off with the razor, you‘ll be left with some thin film. This film or haze can be cleaned up with mineral spirits.


Once all of the old silicone is removed, generously apply new one,wipe of the excess and prop the unit with 2x4s.Normally a small tee build out of 2x4’s does a great job at equally supporting the sink.


Install bolt studs only , don’t try to install support brackets right away, install bolts only and follow manufacturer’s instructions on setting time. Once the bolts are fully set you can go back and carefully install support brackets. When installed properly, these bolts are as equally strong as the c-top itself. I’m guessing, somebody probably rushed thru one of these steps before.


Hope this helps.



Posted 2012-05-14T14:48:01+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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