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Install task lighting on vaulted ceiling

Our kitchen is 5x8' in area below a 9' vaulted ceiling.  At the peak we have a pendant light fixture large enough to hold 3 bulbs but it sits overhead and the work surface is shadowed when the light is on.  Over the single window in the kitchen is a canned light about 7 feet from the floor.  It is situated over the sink.  


 We wish to install task lighting, specifically track lighting for food prep and general work during the evening.  There is only one power source at the peak in the center of this area and has a flat mounting surface to hold fixtures.  The canned light is the 2nd power source.  The ceiling is a false ceiling beneath the peak.


Are there suggestions for different options for lighting or for modifications of the available power sources?  Thanks!! 

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Posted 2013-12-10T00:05:23+0000  by Lucianne Lucianne

Hey Lucianne,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


I like the fact that you are thinking track lighting to get the light needed for your kitchen. We do carry several varieties in stock and online that can replace your existing pendant fixture.


Some we carry can go up to 10 feet in length and give you much more spread out light than what you currently have. An example of one is shown below.



If you want to keep the existing recessed light you have now over the sink, that is fine, but you can also change that out to a multi-light fixture (like a track) without removing the recessed light itself. How?


Simply use the item shown below to convert your recessed light into one where you can get a pendant or track style out of it if you wish. Click on it for more information.

Short of adding new junction boxes and additional wire, I'd say that these 2 options above would be your best bet to increase lighting in your kitchen.


Another options I've yet to mention is the use of undercabinet lighting for areas where you do a lot of food prep. I say this because even with more lights above, you can still create a shadow and darker area over your counter spaces.


If there are wall cabinets in the area, I'd also suggest to install undercabinet lights so as to give more concentrated light in your work areas.


We sell these in about as many forms as the track lighting, so as to give you the right solution for your needs. Almost all come with a plug in and are very easy to install.

3-Light Brushed-Steel Under-Cabinet Light Kit3-Light White Round Under-Cabinet Halogen Lights24 in. Premium Direct Wire White Fluorescent Undercabinet Light

I mention this because this may actually be the only light you need, thereby having you not have not change out any lights overhead. Just something to consider.


Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns,



Posted 2013-12-11T15:54:22+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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