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Install toilet tank replacement parts

The piece connected to the flushing handle broke in the tank.  Do I need to purchase the entire Tank Replacement Kit or something smaller?  How do I install whatever I need to purchase?

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Posted 2010-11-08T17:47:26+0000  by margraine margraine


Hi Margraine, welcome to the community. We’re glad to have you join us. I’m Ken  with  The Home Depot in California. Let’s get you an answer to your tank problem. First you do not have to buy a whole replacement kit. The piece that broke from the handle sounds like it was plastic. There is a replacement handle that comes with the metal or plastic arm that connects to the chain that allows the flapper to open. See attached picture. Just match up to the one you have now.


There is a plastic nut that should be hand tightened. Remove the nut and insert your new handle through the hole, slide the nut over the rod arm and hand tighten. Then attach the chain to the desired hole in the rod arm to activate the flapper. I have attached a link to a how to here

Hope this helps.

Posted 2010-11-08T19:43:30+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
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