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Installation of Light fixture

I have an issue. Two of the rooms in my house (build in 1987) have no central light. They do have a switch that is connected to one of the wall plug. I'm looking to use that same switch, but instead of using it for the wall plug I want to run wire for a central light. Any tips on what I should look for without taking walls down.

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Posted 2013-01-15T00:20:13+0000  by ecuadan ecuadan

Do the rooms have attic access above them?  If so you can do it a few different ways.  I was in the same boat this is what I did.  With power off I replaced the 1 gang wall box with an old work 2 gang box.  Pulled new wire in the attic and to a ceiling box that I mounted on the attic in the center of the room.  Wired it all back up leaving one switch for power outlet and the other to the ceiling box.  As for wiring if it’s a 15amp service use 14/2 if 20amp use 12/2,  If you no longer want to have a switched outlet take the wire leading to the outlet (usually red) and tie it to the incoming power so that it is hot all the time, the hot coming in will also power the ceiling light.  If you don’t have attic access it can be done but some holes will need to be cut in the wall to route wire.  Its not really that hard if you have never done anything like this I would think about hiring someone to do it.  It can be time consuming however.

Posted 2013-01-29T18:17:05+0000  by jwatkins82
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