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Installation of fireplace mantel cap

I need to install a mantel over my fireplace.  The problem is that the brick/stone surface around the firebox opening is not smooth.  The surface seems to be some kind of stone (not clay brick).  I need to smooth the surface so I can attach the mounting board.  What is the best way to smooth a stone surface? 


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Posted 2013-02-02T22:51:45+0000  by execute execute

Most of the time mantels will have gaps that are necessary - due to the uneven fireplace surface material.


If you find that it is required to have a smooth surface, then check to see if the stone is a manufactured product (much like brick) that can easily be removed.  Gently chisel out the sections needed to mount the mantel. 




 If it’s real stone...There isn't an easy way to make the surface absolutely smooth.  But, you can lightly chisel the "high points" down to make it flatter.


Posted 2013-02-03T15:43:17+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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