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Installing Bi-Fold closet doors

My closet currently has 2 sliding doors, on a track 

the current doors are 36" wide (each) and 80" in height


I want to replace these sliding doors with bi-fold doors...What size bi-fold doors do I need to purchase? And is the track for sliding the same as bifold?


any help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you

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Posted 2012-03-19T23:28:06+0000  by AliciaJ AliciaJ

Hi AliciaJ., This is Mike The Home Depot Answer Man.


Bifold doors are available is several sizes, including 24 x 80, 30 x 80, 32 x 80 and 36 x 80 as well as custom order sizes.


They are available Six panel, Plantation, French, Colonial and Glass over panel styles.


Measure the opening to determine which size doors you will need. Remember the 36 x 80 bypass doors overlap, so two 36 x80 bifold doors will not fit the opening.


Often a center fixed panel is used with two 24 x 80 bifold doors on either side. This allows for a solid center point for each door to close against, reducing rattling and misalignment when they are closed.


The bifold door kits at The Home Depot include the track and hardware. Be sure to use the supplied hardware for the best results.


The floor and wall associates at your local Home Depot can assist you in selecting the doors you need. Just measure the height and width of the opening and take the dimensions with you to the store.


I hope this answers your question.






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Posted 2012-03-20T00:48:12+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Thank you very much, I will measure the entire opening and bring the dimensions with me!

Posted 2012-03-20T02:25:32+0000  by AliciaJ

trouble with rough opening sizes of 49  and 37.5" wide X 87.5" high ? how to adjust height is my main problem. are custom height doors necessary? rick

Posted 2012-10-16T16:21:30+0000  by richardruffing
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