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Installing Curtain between Rooms



See attached picture. This is the entry into a room that I am converting to a media room. I would like to install a curtain at the entry. The entry is 64 inches wide and the ceiling is 96 inches tall. I want to find out If I install a curtain with the hardward mounted at the red spots in the diagram, will it hold? I am planning to use 1 inch diameter curtain rod (metal). 


My worry is that I cannot give center support like we typically do for the window curtains. I want to install the hardware as high as possible so that light is blocked as much as possible. Unlike windows, people will be going in and out of the room. I want to make sure it holds up. 


Can you suggest if there are any other hardware that I could use? or anything else that I can use to secure this curtain. 


Thanks for your help. 

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Posted 2011-04-29T12:34:04+0000  by miketest miketest

Hello miketest, welcome to the Home Depot Community!


Thanks for the picture.  This makes it much easier to understand what you are trying to do.


I think that a 1” curtain rod with enclosed brackets will work.  It really depends on the weight of the drapery material you will use.  If the intent is to block as much light as possible then you will want to use a heavier and/or lined fabric.  Home Depot carries a wide variety of possibilities for mounting hardware.



For strength, buy a rod with the largest minimum length that will work for your doorway.  Many styles are available in the 48-88” length.  This allows a large amount of the rod to be telescoped together which makes it stronger.  Use a stud finder to make sure you will be mounting the bracket to solid wood.

As people walk through the doorway, the rod will likely want to keep extending out from the normal movement of parting the curtain.  You may find that it makes sense to fix the rod length using a small screw or glue where the 2 rod parts slide together.  The mounting clips shown are a typical way to attach the curtain, but this is not nearly as durable as sewing a channel in the top hem so that the material can actually slide over the mounting rod.  Using this method will also allow you to bring the curtain material all the way up to the top of the doorway.


Another option which would be much stronger would be to use a closet rod mounted in the doorway rather than outside it.  This is what I have done in a “doorway” at my house.  It is a 6’ wide open closet entrance.  My wife made a lined curtain out of heavy material with a top hem that the closet rod slides through.  It has lasted for decades under frequent use and does not bow or sag at all.  While I will admit that this is not as decorative a solution, once installed it's the material you notice not the closet mounting system.  These mounts look like this:


The closet rod is 1 1/8 metal and what you will do is buy a solid 6’ piece and cut it to the exact length.  No need for a stud finder here, the doorway is solid wood.


I hope this helps,


Posted 2011-04-29T14:22:25+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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