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Installing Ducts on second floor ...

Hi there; I have a question. We are looking to buy a house that has a deficit for us. There is forced heat on the basement and main floor, second floor is baseboard heat. We would like to have the second floor forced heat and add central AC for the house (the second floor does not have ducts going up); is this unadvisable cost-wise?

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Posted 2015-08-05T15:34:07+0000  by p90guitars p90guitars
Adding central A/C to a forced hot air system is generally a pretty straight forward process and relatively inexpensive.  As for adding ducts to the second floor...that might be a bit more complicated and expensive.  It's impossible to say exactly how complicated or expensive without seeing the house.  Your best bet would be to get a licensed HVAC contractor to take a look and give you and estimate.  There are also couple of other options that might be considered as well.

Mini split A/C units.  They have an outside condenser like traditional whole house systems but the fan and evaporator are housed in a wall unit.  They require no duct work at all and the refrigeration lines and electrical wiring go though a 4" or so hole in the wall.  For some models one condensing unit can serve multiple wall units in different rooms and they typically have remote controls and some even provide heat.  Mitsubishi is probably the most well known of the companies that make split units but many other companies do as well.


High velocity small ducts:  A few companies make special, small diameter ducts that can fit inside traditionally constructed walls.  While the materials are more expensive you may save some money on the construction costs associated with opening walls and running traditional ducts.  I don't know a lot about the system but you would likely have to find an HVAC contractor who has experience with this method.
Posted 2015-08-06T01:54:59+0000  by Adam444
WOW Adam!

Once again, you "Nailed It."

Great solution!
Posted 2015-09-08T19:41:15+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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