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Installing Proline Ballast for 3 Lamp fixture

Right now, I have 3 Lamp light fixture, but currently has 2 Ballasts (1 lamp + 2 lamps). The colors are Red/Blue. There is no Yellow, plus the Black & White, and Green


I just purchsed a GE Proline T8 "4 or 3 - 4ft or U". For F32T8. Colors are Red, Blue and Yellow; plus the Black & White.


Can someone please tell me where the yellow goes?


The diagram on the ballast shows for 4 Lamps only. Since, I have 3 Lamps, I cannot figure out how it should be connected. My goal is to replace 2 ballasts, as described above, with one ballast (for 4 or 3 Lamps).


Thanks in advance

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Posted 2011-10-30T23:01:16+0000  by perry64 perry64

Hello perry64!


Happy Halloween and welcome to the community!


Just to make sure we're on the same page here, the ballast you said you are trying to connect is a GE Proline electronic ballast, shown in the picture below....

GE ballast F32T8.JPG


As the diagram shows in the picture above and the zoomed-in larger version below, the yellow wire for your new ballast acts as the other wires to connect in the sockets to complete the circuits on your lamps, essentially the opposite ends for your red and blue wires....

ballast wiring diagram.JPG


Now depending on what wires you have coming from the 2 ballasts that are there now, I would recommend to use the diagram shown above a starting point for hooking up your new ballast. I am aware you have only 3 lamps, so you will need to force the wiring to be the same as what you had before (1 lamp +2 lamps) and forgo the last 4th lamp. To do that, I would take out the last yellow and red connection set leading into the lamp, giving you only one. Again, depending on what sort of wiring colors you have will determine what you can hook up. 


It also sounds like you may have to purchase additional THHN yellow wire to complete this, if you only have red/blue now. 


The ballast you have should be able to work, but you may need to get more wire and plan the layout similar to above, but with a 1lamp +2 lamp setup for it to function properly.


Hope this helps you out,


Posted 2011-10-31T17:36:36+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Thanks for including the photo of the ballast.  I just purchased this exact GE Proline product to use in a 2-lamp F32T8/U fixture.  That is, it takes two "U" shaped bulbs.  The original ballast is a Triad with 3 wires - blue, blue, red - to the lamps.  They are wired to the "tombstones" from left to right as follows:

Lamp 1, first tombstone - red wire, white bridge wire to lamp 2

Lamp 1, second tombstone - blue wire

Lamp 2, first tombstone - white bridge from Lamp 1, first tombstone

Lamp 2, second tombstone - second blue wire


How should I wire the new ballast to this 2-lamp configuration?   Thank you!


Posted 2013-01-21T17:13:41+0000  by workingonit
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