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What do I need to install mirror tiles to my walls?

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Posted 2011-02-18T03:21:57+0000  by Shell124 Shell124

Good morning, Shell, I've done a little research for you, and confirmed what I thought would be your best solution... mirror mastic. This product does exactly what you want.

It comes in a tube, like caulk, and is specifically designed to attach mirrors to walls, so mirrored tile is a snap.

You don,t mention what kind of walls you have, but I spoke with someone at Renin Corp, the manufacturer (800-345-1397), to see if there were any surfaces that it wouldn't work on, and was told it will work on most surfaces. Just check the label to see if it will work for your application.

One thing to note, is that once you put it up, it's permanent, so make sure this is what you want.

Now, another option would be to use mirror clips. These are available in the picture hanging area of your local Home Depot, as well as where you find the mirrors. This won't allow you to butt the tiles together, but is a perfectly good way to do this, and will give you a different look.

Welcome to the community, and were here for you.

Ray the Hammer

Posted 2011-02-18T14:06:03+0000  by TheHammer

Thanks for the Tips!

Posted 2011-10-12T04:55:22+0000  by maryan1313
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