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Installing a mirror on a wall

 i want too learn how to properly install a mirror on a wall

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Posted 2012-01-01T12:52:16+0000  by Javier12b Javier12b

Hi Javier12b,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


This is a question we get a few times here on our site, and some of our fellow experts have already answered how to install a mirror on drywall previously. Or you may want to install a mirror on a harder surface, like a cinder block wall, well we have all the information for you too!


Hanging a mirror on your wall will depend on several things, like the size and weight of your mirror alongside what substrate you are wanting to hang it on the wall (drywall, brick, wood). You will also need to consider how you want to fasten it.


For example, if you just want to hang up, say a full length mirror, you have many options on how to hang it safely and securely to your wall. If the mirror is small as stated above, you can use mirror clips to put it up. However, if you do want to put it up permanently, one of the best options for you to do is apply a mirror adhesive to bond and hold the mirror safely in place. Using adhesive will guarantee you a secure hold on the wall, but be forewarned, it takes a lot of effort to successfully remove a glued mirror off a wall. No matter what you decide on, we sell a wide selection of mirror hanging solutions in our stores. Be sure to check them out after reading the info on this article.


So again, depending on the size, weight and how you want to install the mirror will depend on how you choose to safely hang it on the wall. Hopefully with the information and links provided above, you can choose and decide which is the best option for you.


Best of luck,


Posted 2012-01-03T15:43:02+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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