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Installing a new granite top on bathroom vanity

I just picked up a new vanity at a liquidation center and then brought a 49 inch granite countertops at

the Depot. When I attach the top to the cabinet, how should I apply the silicone?  Also, when attaching the back splash, what type of adhesive to use.   Thanks for any help.


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Posted 2011-02-26T22:14:13+0000  by sparky40 sparky40

Hi sparky40 and welcome to the boards.  Once you've securely installed the vanity and made sure its level, you can begin the process to attach the granite top.  Apply a bead of silicone sealer along the top edge of the vanity. Set the top onto it with about a 1/2" overhang at the edges.  Make sure you give the sealer ample time to dry.  As far as the backsplash and or sidesplash goes the first step is to make sure the wall surface is clean and even. Clear the wall of any wallpaper or border material.  Place beads of caulking adhesive along the back of the back/side splash then attach it to the wall and allow to dry.


NOTE: I like to run a very thin bead of clear kitchen/bathroom silicone along the bottom face edge of the splash in order to prevent water from creeping under.


That's it and your good to go.  Just make sure you allow things to dry thoroughly between steps. Another thing to mention is that granite tops are heavy (as I'm sure you noticed :robotwink:) so you may need to add a bit more support.  You can reinforce the structure with 1"x2" wood supports if necessary. I hope this has been helpful and that this project goes well. 



Posted 2011-02-27T15:51:56+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

Thanks Chris,

A quck question about the 1x2 supports.  Do you mean to put the supports in horizonally or vertically in the corners?  Just confused a little, the top is pretty heavy.  Thanks for your help


Posted 2011-03-01T22:06:34+0000  by sparky40

Hey Sparky40,


I am Gregg  and I can answers that for Chris. What Chris meant was to add 1x2's horizontally across the open top of the vanity. Doing this would give more surface area for the counter top to rest on. You could also put 1x2's on the inside of the vanity in the corners to give the structure more strength. Good luck and post a picture when your all done. -Gregg

Posted 2011-03-02T16:34:53+0000  by gotogregg

I have decided to use paint and varnish remover to take off the color of my wood vanity and restain it.  Is it easy to chemicaly take off  old stain? I bought the bottle from home depot today and people who work there told me, It was easy but i just wanted to know if any of yu has ever done it before?

Posted 2012-04-16T17:57:25+0000  by jiaksww

I, too, am installing a granite double sink bathroom vanity top. Very heavy. My cabinet is 60" long. Granite top is 61".  Can I abut a hutch to the right side of the vanity without a 1/2" overhang and have the 1" overhang on the left side, which will be against the wall?  Also, how exactly do you place the support boards on the vanity cabinet to make it stronger in order to hold the vanity top?  In the vanity top installation booklet that came with my vanity top, it states not to use GE silicone sealant on granite.  Can you suggest another good sealant?

Thanks for any help/advice you can give me.


Posted 2013-10-30T12:26:50+0000  by noonie
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