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Installing a pet door advice

hello, I need to install a doggie door in our garage door which has a bottom metal guard trying to find the easiest way to cut the desired hole in the door without cracking it.

very novice with any home repairs, please help.

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Posted 2010-11-18T12:16:23+0000  by txdan07 txdan07


Hey txdan07.


Installing a pet door is a great idea and handy when you can’t get out of the office in time to let the pets "take care of business". I installed a pet door for my wife’s cats, in the basement door so the litter box would not be in the house. I am going to assume that we are installing this pet door in a metal entry door with a kick plate and not an actual garage door.


First thing we need to do is be sure to get the right size door for our pet. We carry many different size doors for different size pets. I used a medium size door and put it about 6 inches from the bottom, in the center of the door for her cats. While we are at The Depot picking up the pet door, lets get all the other tools we will need. We will need a drill, a half inch drill bit to drill through the metal door, a jigsaw,  metal jigsaw blades, and a screwdriver.


Now that we have the tools that we need, installation should only take about 15 minutes. The pet door comes with a paper template that we are going to tape to the door. Put it the desired height from the bottom of the door, based on the size of the animal, and in the center of the door and tape it up. With a pencil, trace the template on the door where we are going to cut. Remove template and lets get the drill. You want to drill pilot holes in the door being sure not to drill outside the lines of the marked area. Next we are going to get the jigsaw and follow the lines that we drew cutting out the hole for the door. There is no need to remove the metal kickplates, for the saw should cut right through them. Once it is completely cut out then just remove that part of the door, get the two pieces of pet door, put on each side of the door and screw them together. We are done, with time to spare.


Now wasn't’ that was easy. After the first time that I installed a pet door I was amazed how easy it was, and I know you will have no problem. With a treat, get on the other side of the door and hold it open so he can walk through it,  seeing that it is a good thing. If my cats can learn to use this thing, then any animal can. I hope this helps and I would like to welcome you to the community and thanks for the question.



Posted 2010-11-18T16:39:35+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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