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Installing a screen porch under my car port

Would like to know where  to get material for the project. DIY screen porch under my car port. Thanks

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Posted 2011-01-26T15:24:42+0000  by Ernie57 Ernie57

Hey Ernie57,

Welcome to the community, I am Gregg.  My screened in porch is my favorite place to be in the summer time. Just so we are on the same page you have an existing carport that you want to convert into a screened in porch, correct? How much more do you need to add to the carport to complete this task? Do you need to build walls, or supports, or are you just looking for the screening material and a way to attach it?

You can purchase rolls of screen in different heights and lengths, like 3’x50’ of 8’x100’. To attach the screen there is a really easy system you can get. Check these out.CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE

You basically install the base strip on the top and bottom of where the screen is going. Then roll on the screen and clip in the top track.

If this doesn’t help please let us know more specifics about the project.  Gregg

Posted 2011-01-26T16:11:37+0000  by gotogregg

 I can not get the pieces to lock in togather when the screen is attached.

Posted 2011-05-14T13:22:43+0000  by cosmicsam
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