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Installing a toilet on floor that is not level

When the floor is uneven, what material do you install under the toilet to prevent the toilet from tipping/moving toward the gap created by an uneven floor?
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Posted 2016-01-09T15:30:39+0000  by JeffN JeffN
You don't. Get it as level as possible. Regardless the toilet pretty much rests atop the wax ring. Don't overtighten the two fasteners.
Posted 2016-01-10T08:08:18+0000  by FedEx
Hello JeffN.  Welcome to the Community!

One option, if you cannot make the floor level, is to use toilet shims.
These are small plastic wedges that you can put under the toilet where there are gaps.



Posted 2016-01-12T19:15:08+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
Hi JeffN,

I like the direct answer from FedEx:

"Get it as level as possible ... do not over tighten the toilet flange bolts."

The plastic shims that Chris recommends are a good idea for support in any remaining gaps.

Slide the shim in until it fits firmly into the gap and then cut off exposed excess with a utility knife.

Use GE Silicone II caulk to seal the toilet against the floor.

In an earlier thread, we produced a video to discuss Wax Free Toilet Drain Seal.

Click the link to jump to that thread and see the video.
Posted 2016-01-26T20:14:28+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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