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Installing an Envirotile Patio

We are in the process of installing an Envirotile paver patio. We moved the sod from the area where we want the patio and dug down about 5" and put down 2" of base. Now that we have this enormous pile of dirt in the middle of our yard, we are wondering if we can use the dirt instead of buying paver sand for the next layer. If not, can we at least use it as a layer over the gravel base and then add a top layer of sand.  We have no idea what else to do with the mountain of dirt! Seems like Envirotile is easier to install than a generic paver, so I don't want to over-engineer this project. Any tips are greatly appreciate!

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Posted 2011-05-30T01:20:00+0000  by kjdemass kjdemass

Hello Rhond and thank you joining The Community. 


Each Envirotile weighs 8 pounds.  If the tiles are clipped together (using the specially designed connector clips), they can represent quite a formidable obstacle to a little mole (or a mole with friends)! 


Check out the other replies in this post as well as the article, A New Designer Life for an Old Rubber Tire: Multy Home EnviroTiles to ensure proper installation on ground surface.  The vegetation killer and landscape fabric under the tiles may also help deter the moles.


Best wishes on your project!



Posted 2012-06-08T19:32:06+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL

i bought these tiles

i am so excited to use them on my covered, wood, deck in Juneau Alaska

do i lay them on my stained covered wood deck direct w/ their connectors or do i have to put something down?

Posted 2012-06-21T23:38:54+0000  by cath

Hello cath and welcome to The Community!  We are glad that you are here.


I am glad to see your excitement for the Envirotiles.  I spoke to our manufacturer (who is in a northern climate) and they provided me some best practices for successful tile installation in Alaska:


1. You should first seal your wood deck with an appropriate water sealer.  The Paint Department associates at your local Home Depot store can help you select the best products to use for your stained wood deck. 


2. Usually the clips are used to hold the tiles in place around the perimeter.  Because you have warm/ cool/ freeze cycles, the rubber tiles will expand and contract during the seasonal changes.  For best results, Multy Home suggests using the connector clips on all the tiles for a uniform look.


3. You can use rock salt products on the Envirotiles.  It will wash away without harm (as you know, the Envirotiles were rubber tires in a “previous” life!).


4. The Envirotile deck can be shoveled manually.


5. Caution is recommended when using a snow blower since the blades may cut into the tile – causing a safety hazard and tile damage.


Thank you again for joining the discussions and best wishes on your finished project.



Posted 2012-06-22T13:56:57+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL

Hi Eileen - I want to install Envirotiles over our existing concrete patio. However, we need to level out the concrete first, as it's pretty sloped (more than the 1"/8 feet it should be). What do you suggest using to level under the Envirotiles? I know you mentioned using sand or limestone screening to another user who was installing over brick. Is it the same for installing over concrete? Thanks!

Posted 2013-05-31T18:59:53+0000  by 40Crook
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