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Installing bamboo flooring over concrete?



I'm a DIY newbie and was wondering if I need a moisture barrier over the concrete and if so, what kind of material?

The flooring is tongue & groove so I will be gluing it down.  Do I just spread the glue right on top of the moisture barrier?

Concrete is about 16 inches above ground and was laid about 20 yrs ago.


Thanks for any help that you can provide!



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Posted 2012-04-12T19:01:35+0000  by shanebog shanebog

Hey there Shane,


Thanks for joining us on the community!~

No need to worry about the newbie status, we were all there at some point. = ) Once you get this project started, you'll be on your way to DIY Novice in no time!


Great to hear you mention that your flooring is above ground. That's usually my opening question when addressing hardwood flooring installs, is to make sure that it's being done on grade or above. As you may or may not know, hardwood flooring is not rated for below grade installation.


Either way, back to your question. You do not apply a moisture barrier down below your flooring in a glue down installation. Since you'll be applying the glue directly between the slab and your bamboo, anything else would just be getting in the way.


The moisture control actually comes from the adhesive that you use, and not all adhesives are the same. What you will want to use is Roberts R1530 4-Gal. All-in-One Wood Flooring Solvent Free Superior Grade Adhesive. This is the best adhesive you can use for the job, as it not only contains the urethane based adhesive that you need, but it also acts as a moisture barrier and sound reducer!


Be aware though, don't get hasty with your spreading. Only spread what you can work with within about 30 minutes and always replace the lid back on the container after taking out adhesive. This stuff starts to set real quick, so don't try and go too fast or you'll end up with a less than decorative urethane floor.


Hope this helps answer your question. Please feel free to reply back if you have any other questions along the way. And if you can, post up some pictures of how the job comes along. We'd love to check them out!~

Posted 2012-04-12T21:26:35+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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