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Installing bathroom tile

I  am looking to replace the laminate in my bathroom with tile.  I have never laid tile before.  Are there any suggestions or recommendations for the newby?

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Posted 2011-02-10T17:18:50+0000  by savannahman savannahman

Hi Savannahman, this is Mike, The Home Depot Answerman welcome to the Community.


Rather than give you a long boring dissertation on installing tile, I have decided to link you to our video on tile installation. Click the link below and if you have any questions just fire them back to me.



Posted 2011-02-10T17:42:47+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

I have viewed all of the Home Depot videos on installing tile and there seems to be an important piece of information missing. 


When installing a tub or shower pan, there is a small gap left between the wall and tub or shower pan in order to get the object in the alcove.  This means the backerboard cannot go over the ledge of the tub or shower pan, so the question is this, how close to the ledge does the backerboard get installed, Swan recommends 1/2 inch.  How can I be sure that when I install the tile I am getting a complete water seal with the thinset and grout if I have left that 1/2 inch gap above the ledge. 


There are no diagrams on how to do this for the tub.  I did get a diagram from the Swan company with the Shower pan I bought, but its a bit confusing, as it does not call out for a waterproof seal behind the backerboard either.


Can someone please help?



Posted 2011-05-27T16:15:32+0000  by jimbob44

Hey Jim,


Thanks for your question, and I apologize for not answering you sooner.


I work as a flooring specialist at my store, and I have seen situations such as yours where you want to fill up the gap between the ledge and the backerboard. The best solution I have found in this instance is to do a 2 step process if you want to keep the gap at 1/2" as Swan recommends. However, you can allow to go for a slightly thinner gap such as 1/4" but no thinner. But, lets get into getting the best look for your tub.


In the first picture,  imagine you already have the 1/2" gap as you stated. First off, I'd recommend to fill up the hole itself with backer rod, it is inexpensive, and it will give you enough space to allow the tub to slightly shift. Below is a picture of it:



By filling in the gap, you will now be able to apply a 1/2 roll of mesh tape over the gap to fill it. Yep, a half a line. You will need to cut the length over the tub in half so as to give the mortar a chance to fill over the top as well as give it the clean gapless look you'll need to place the tile on top. Plus, you wouldn't want the other half of the tape covering the tub, hence the scissors.  Below is a picture and steps of doing this.



After filling in the gaps and covering it up with tape/mortar, you will now be able to use whatever wall tile and grout for your walls.


Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments,



Posted 2011-06-03T16:45:51+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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