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Installing ceiling fans and pendent lights



I am very new at this so kindly bare with me.

I am buying a new home, that  comes with pre wireing for ceiling fans and lights on separate switch. Also I got it pre wired for home theater system and pendent lights for kitchen island.


The problem is I don't know where to go from here. If I decide to install all the fan and lights by myself do I have to cut a hole in the roof drywall or does it come with one like in APTs.


Should I get the equipments installed along with the pre wireing rather than doing it myself or should I just get the prewiring and get a electrical install it for me after I taken possession of the house.


And help is really appreciated


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Posted 2012-10-11T23:41:11+0000  by lisan lisan

If they are prewiring for a ceiling fan then there should be a ceiling box (in the hole) ion the ceiling, installed where the wires terminate in the ceiling.  You would use that to connect your ceiling fan.   So, you shouldn';t have to cut a hole.  They will have done that during the prewiring.


As far as who to install.  Its not to hard to install a fan. if you want someone else to do it, the Prewiring guy should be able to.

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Posted 2012-11-21T03:35:56+0000  by bljcm5
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