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Installing dampers in ductwork

I just recently had a new trane furnace system installed in my home and the installer told me to wait awhile before putting these dampers in the duct work to see if the air balances out. My problem is that they are circular and I don't know how to install them properly. The air still hasn't balanced out and my frustration is growing. We went through home depot to get a trane system and I thought I may be able to get an answer quicker than having to wait for an appt for trane to come out. The installer didn't show me how to put them in when he was done.

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Posted 2010-12-01T12:27:13+0000  by cpilk cpilk

Good morning, Cpilk, I'm the Hammer, and I need some more information from you. Did Home Depot install the unit for you? If so, my HVAC contact from my store in Atlanta says that they probably should have installed them. I'm not sure how the installation contracts work, but if you give me some more info, I can make sure that I get the information to someone who can help. Thanks for your patience, I needed to make a few calls before I answered your post.

If it was installed by The Home Depot, I can put you in touch with my Guy here in Atlanta, and he will be able to help. You don't say where you're from, so let me know that also.


Ray the Hammer

Posted 2010-12-01T15:49:44+0000  by TheHammer

Sorry about that. Columbus OH 43230. I thought he should have but in a hurry talking to his son on the phone. Dave was the sales rep I went through up here. Purchased gift cards at the store off of Cleveland ave. Thought I was doing a good thing but oh well. (EDITED BY MODERATOR) I believe everything was done outside of home depot but not sure. The person that installed it was not with Home Depot I do know that.

Posted 2010-12-01T18:38:20+0000  by cpilk

Hi cpik,


Sorry to hear of your frustration. I'd like to ask our Customer Care team to look into this for you. Can you email Tinzley at with details so we can look into this further?

Posted 2010-12-01T19:51:11+0000  by HomeDepotTia
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