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Installing lighting fixtures

I am installing a light fixture in my condo and just realized the hole in the ceiling from the current lighting fixture is about 12 inches from where I want to put the new fixture. Is there a way to install the new light fixture without the wires showing to extend to new location? Or Should I buy a chandelier that I can hook the links over 12 inches to hang it where I need it? Any help would be great. Thanks.

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Posted 2013-09-19T02:03:52+0000  by JenniferB410 JenniferB410

Just as an FYI, in most places only qualified persons (which generally means a licensed electrician) are allowed to do electrical work in multi-family dwellings like condos.  Electrical work would include replacing light fixtures.


With that said, it would probably be fairly easy to extend the existing circuit to your desired location.  Basically you'd add a junction box at the desired location and extend the circuit by whatever wiring method is approved in your location.  You can't cover the existing box because you'll need to make your connections in there but there are flat plates designed to cover such boxes.  You can paint them to match the ceiling.


Or, as you thought, use a chandelier fixture and "swag" it to the desired location.



Posted 2013-09-19T21:02:20+0000  by Adam444
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