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Installing new one piece shower pan

Drain in the basement bath needs relocating. Took up floor and found existing pvc drain to cast iron trap. Can someone explain the fitting used for this transition? It appears to be all rubber and pvc would pull straight up and out.

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Posted 2011-03-13T17:02:15+0000  by bbblueyes bbblueyes

Hello bbblueyes sounds like what you're looking at there is a Fernco flexible coupling.  There typically used for making connections of dissimilar materials, in this cast transitioning from cast iron to PVC. Most include stainless steel screw adjustable bands at the ends to assist in making a solid and stable connection. Sounds like the upper band on  the one you've encountered was left off for some reason :/ allowing the upper drain portion to be pulled free.




As far as relocating the drain goes its hard to know what you may need without detail. I hope this is of some help and please feel free to return with any other questions.




Posted 2011-03-13T18:19:19+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

Thanks but that's not it. Plus I don't believe that would be allowed under a slab. I think I'll take a look in the store......

Posted 2011-03-13T18:51:01+0000  by bbblueyes

I found it. A compression donut.

Posted 2011-03-13T22:36:06+0000  by bbblueyes



I'm glad to here that you found what you needed. :smileyhappy:




Posted 2011-03-18T15:27:37+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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