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Installing pavers in Florida sand

My house is just a few blocks from the Gulf and our yard is nothing but white sand. I would like to install pavers for a patio. Do I still have to put down a base or is just the exisiting sand enough? Thanks

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Posted 2012-03-18T19:48:28+0000  by Hotwired Hotwired

Howdy "Hotwired",


Allow me to be the first to welcome you to the Home Depot Community. This is the place where everyone from the "weekend warrior" to the seasoned professional exchange ideas.

So let's get started.                  


1) I would first dig down at least a foot to see if you can reach solid ground.

                       digsand (126x208).jpg                      tamper.jpg

2) When I reach the solid ground add about 4-6 inches of paver base. Paver base has gravel and different grits of sand to keep things from shifting.


 HandTamper (105x300).jpg     tamper.jpg


3) Now compact the base with either a hand tamper or you can rent a large motorized one from the Home Depot if the job is large.

lvlsnd.jpgedging (280x280).jpg

Finally it's time to lay down and sweep leveling sand in between pavers.

                     pavers (300x134).jpg


To keep the pavers from moving over time you can use paver edging.


Just like painting, the preparation is most of the work...but it's worth it to know it's done right.


Happy Gardening,



Posted 2012-03-19T19:10:54+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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