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Installing pavestone walkways in sections over time

Hello, I plan on undertaking a pavestone walkway installation project next to my home. Due to the length of the walkway. I,d like to break down the project into sections, completing the sections over time. I've read various articles related to the necessary steps such excavation, base layer gravel installation, sand layer installation, edging, etc. but none of the information I've found addresses the steps/issues related to termination of the first section, and future continuation of the next. My concerns relate to excavation of each new section which butts up against the previously completed section. Once I excavate the new section next to the completed one, will I have issues with the integrity of the previously compacted layers of sand and gravel? Do I need to terminate each completed section with some kind of edge restraint made for leading edges? The edge restraints I've seen, seem to be made only for the side edges because of the way they're made. Or is the sand/gravel integrity of the previous section not really an issue because its been compacted down.

I'm concerned that once I begin the adjacent excavation, the integrity of the sand and gravel compaction under the leading edge pavestones will be compromised, thus affecting the level and solidity of the pavestones at the leading edge.
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Posted 2013-07-01T18:38:03+0000  by Mike-of-WestLA Mike-of-WestLA

Howdy Mike-of-WestLA,



It sounds like you've done some homework on this project. You are correct with your assumption that you would need to have an edging for maintaining the integrity of your pavers. A solid edging will keep the sand base and pavers from drifing apart with weather and foot traffic.


Using some edging to secure the section you are temporarily finishing. This can be done with different types of edging so don't think your locked into one type of edging.


     paverbase.jpg     original.jpg    proflex-overview2.jpg



edge3.jpg09e7c937-636b-44f8-9efc-a79cceb978b0_300.jpg  original.jpg


Remember, make sure to tamper down the paver base to have a solid foundation. Sometimes there is no shortcut for doing a project once and right,












Posted 2013-07-01T23:24:42+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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