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Installing quarter round on concrete slab foundation

I am getting new floor put in and the people helping me all have crawl spaces so they have never had to install quarter round on a concrete slab foundation. My question is can I use finishing nails to nail down my quarter round or do I have to glue it down?!?!
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Posted 2018-09-19T04:03:00+0000  by Alter Alter
You nail sideways into the baseboard moulding, not into the floor when installing quarter round.  It's even more important with some kinds of flooring like laminate (e.g., Pergo) or anything that "floats" not to pin it to the subfloor so that it can expand a contract with changes in humidity freely.

The other alternative is to pull the baseboard and use that to cover the gap.  Because baseboard is typically thinner (~1/2") compared to quarter ground (~3/4") you need to be a little more careful with your measurements when laying the floor.
Posted 2018-09-19T22:12:11+0000  by Adam444
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