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Installing remodel recessed lights

So the situation is...Just moved into my house a few months ago, it has a finished basement, with flourescent lights you would use as work lights in the garage. The drywall is cut out in the ceiling and basic moulding is glued around the hole with a piece of plastic as a cover and the housings for the lights are mounted to the subfloor. since they are just work lights they have plugs, so there are outlets mounted to the joists in the ceiling which are connected to the light switches. I cant stand the flourescent lights so I want to remove them and install recessed lights into new drywall i am going to fill the holes with. I know to wire the pot lights into the outlet I just have to remove the receptacle and connect the wires from the outlet box and the pot light box together...My question is, since I will be having two lights going to each outlet box, can I just splice all the wires from the pot lights to the corresponding outlet wires? i.e. grn, grn, grn....blk, blk, blk...wht, wht, wht....and if so, I know the wires in the second pot light wont reach all the way to the outlet, so what would be the recommended wiring to get so I can extend the wires to reach the outlet wires? I appreciate any input on this and if anyone needs some more insight into the project just ask.

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Posted 2013-06-16T02:09:01+0000  by DIY32 DIY32

You can't do what you're describing.  Junction boxes MUST remain accessible and if you bury them in a finished ceiling they will no longer be accessible.


You have a few options depending on how the wiring is currently laid out.  One option might be to move the junction box at the start of the run so it could be accessed from below the finished ceiling (via a blank plate) and then daisy chain your can lights from there.


Posted 2013-06-16T03:46:23+0000  by Adam444
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